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At Salta, we want to inspire children to play outside. What could possibly be more fun than open-air adventures? Trampolines are the best! Jumping on a trampoline is fun, healthy and keeps your child moving. At Salta, we have a passion for designing and producing trampolines that are extremely safe, look stylish and ensure a great jumping experience.

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Great quality

Salta develop sustainable and exclusive high-quality trampolines at affordable prices. Our motivated team continuously works on innovating and developing our products, while living up to the latest and highest quality standards. Safety and quality aside, we put a lot of effort in our trampolines' design and appeal. A Salta trampoline will always be a great fit for your garden.

Large collection

Salta has a very extensive collection, ranging from the Comfort Edition, with its excellent value for money, to the high-end First Class series, for the ultimate jumping experience. There is always a Salta trampoline that is right for you.

Active and creative

Trampoline jumping contributes to your child's activeness, creativity and physical development and is also a fun way of improving coordination ability. A Salta trampoline provides hours of outdoor entertainment and adventures. Healthy and worry-free!

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Useful tips for maintaining your trampoline!

December 1, 2020

You have decided to purchase a trampoline so your children can have jumping fun in the garden, good choice! Of course you want to enjoy your purchased trampoline for as long as possible. Our trampolines require little maintenance, but by checking your trampoline sometimes, your trampoline is guaranteed to have a longer life. Want to enjoy your trampoline for a very long time? With these handy tips you will keep your Salta trampoline in top condition!


Why choose Salta?

Quality and safety first

Salta produces innovative trampolines that are developed entirely in-house and that meet the latest European safety norms. Salta is known for its excellent value for money, offering high-quality trampolines at affordable prices. Our extensive collection with its many different options, holds trampolines for any budget and garden surface.

High-level service is very important to us. Does part of your trampoline need replacing? All Salta trampoline parts are replaceable and can be ordered through our website at all times, making your trampoline last even longer! Assembly is easy, thanks to our easy to follow instruction manuals and videos.