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Trampoline maintenance check in 5 steps!

Want to enjoy your trampoline for as long as possible? Check the parts regularly. But what should you actually pay attention to? We are happy to explain that to you below. By performing this maintenance check every year, you keep your trampoline in top condition!

1. Check the condition of the jumping mat

The jumping mat is a component that is used intensively during jumping. All the more important to check it for holes and wear. Also check whether the V-rings of the trampoline mat (to which the springs are attached) are still intact. If you see major traces of wear, we recommend that you replace the trampoline mat.

2. Check the bounce of your trampoline

If you feel that the trampoline is jumping less powerfully than before, it's time to check your springs! You can see for yourself whether the spring force is still good enough by removing a spring from the trampoline and checking whether it is stretched or bent. If this is the case, we recommend replacing the spring. All Salta springs are double galvanized, making them resistant to rust. Do you nevertheless discover rust on a spring? Replace this spring as well.

3. Check your safety pad carefully

As the name says, the safety pad is important for safe jumping. Salta's safety pads are made of weather-resistant material and can withstand a lot. Regularly check the condition of the safety pad. Are the springs no longer sufficiently covered by the safety pad? Then consider purchasing a new one.

4. Check the stability of the frame

The frame is very important for both our in-ground trampolines and our trampolines on legs. It forms the stable basis of the trampoline. Check the screws and tighten them properly. The Salta trampoline frames are always galvanized, making them resistant for long-term use. Has your frame part worn out after years of intensive use? Then we recommend that you purchase a new frame tube.

5. Check whether the safety net is still in good condition

The safety net also contains parts that are best checked regularly. For example, are the fiberglass tubes still able to hold up the net and do the 'top caps' still hold these tubes in place? If this is not the case, we recommend replacing these parts. This way you prevent the safety net itself from being damaged. Despite the fact that the Salta safety nets are made of high-quality material, a hole can occur. Is there significant wear and tear? Then we recommend replacing the net. This way your child can safely jump through spring and summer again!


During the trampoline check, wipe all parts with a damp cloth. By doing this regularly, you keep your trampoline in the best condition!

How should I measure a part of my Salta trampoline?

The answer is simple: you don't have to! Search our parts page for the article number of your trampoline and all parts for your trampoline will appear. This way you get the right size part at all times. Very handy!