The story behind Salta

Inspiring children to go outdoors and enjoy endless fun was the underlying reason why founder Marco Sjoers decided to introduce his own trampoline brand. Having gained a number of years of experience in both the outdoor and the toy industries, he started the great Salta adventure in 2012 . Salta is now renowned throughout Europe (and beyond) and has grown into a highly successful brand.

A truly safe experience

At Salta, we are passionate about designing and manufacturing trampolines which are extremely safe, have a stylish look, and guarantee a fabulous jumping experience. You will, after all, experience the utmost pleasure on a trampoline! With our driven and experienced team we continue to innovate and always develope our products to meet the latest and most stringent safety standards. At Salta, safety always comes first while playing.

Exclusive and sustainable

Offering high-quality trampolines at an affordable price is an important feature that sets Salta apart from others. Our wide product range with many options enables us to offer trampolines that fit every budget while always prioritising sustainability. Salta trampolines are also easy to assemble with the help of our clear installation manuals and useful instruction videos.

Exceptionally stylish

At Salta we pay a lot of attention to the design and appearance of our products because it isn’t just about safety and quality. Who wouldn’t want to own a trampoline that fits in nicely in the garden? Salta trampolines are a real eye-catcher in your garden because of the sleek and modern designs!

Evermore lasting trampolines

Service is crucial to us. Does a part of your trampoline need to be replaced? All Salta trampoline parts are replaceable and can be ordered at any time via our website.

'Children can enjoy themselves outdoors for hours and experience great adventures with a Salta trampoline. A healthy enjoyment without any worries!'