The Salta Cosmos is a tough, solid trampoline that guarantees years of jumping fun. The Cosmos trampoline is unbeatable in the universe due to its attractive price. Read more...


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Article number 5260A
Size 251 cm
Springs amount 48
Springs length 165 mm
Max. weight 100 kg
Top rail diameter 38 mm
Thickness toprail 1.35 mm

It's in the details

Powerful and durable

The Salta Cosmos is equipped with 165 mm conical springs and a durable, elastic jumping mat. The dynamic jumping power allows you to make the most beautiful jumps under the starry sky.

Safety first

The taut safety net is attached to the jumping mat, so your feet cannot reach the springs in any way. The net posts are provided with a thick layer of foam, so that you can jump safely and carefree.

Tough Look

In addition to the solid quality, the appearance of this trampoline is also impressive. The round, sleek shapes in combination with the turquoise accent on the safety pad give the trampoline a tough look. The Cosmos fits seamlessly into any environment!

Including ladder

The Salta Cosmos is delivered including a ladder. This allows children to enter the trampoline in a safe way.

Accessories and parts

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Assembly manual Assembly manual

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