Salta - Short bungee

Article number BUNGEE-S

Short bungee for fixing the safety pad to the jumping mat.

Part number 090

Only suitable for item(s): 551, 552, 627, 554, 555, 628, 556, 553, 629, 630, 581A, 581G, 581P, 583A, 583G, 583P, 582G, 582P, 587A, 587G, 587P, 582A, 584A, 584G, 584P, 585A, 585G, 585P, 586A, 586P, 586G, 588P, 588G, 588A, 590A, 590G, 590P, 589G, 5371A, 5371G, 534G, 534A, 532G, 532A, 533G, 533A, 5374G, 5374A, 531A, 5372G, 5372A, 531G, 5373G, 5373A, 5375A, 5375G, 5376G, 5376A, 541G, 541A, 542A, 542G, 549A, 549G, 544A, 544G, 545A, 545G, 546A, 546G, 543A, 543G, 547A, 547G, 548A, 548G, 5851G, 5851A, 5852A, 5852G, 5853A, 5853G, 5854A, 5854G, 5855A, 5855G, 5856A, 5856G, 5857A, 5857G, 5858A, 5858G, 5361, 5362, 5363

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