Comfort Edition - Elastic band with hook for safety pad

Article number CE-BUNGEEHOOK

Elastic band with hook for fixating the safety pad.

Part number CERO085

Only suitable for item(s): 5071G, 5071A, 5071P, 5075P, 5075G, 5075A, 5072P, 5072G, 5072A, 5074P, 5074G, 5074A, 5073P, 5073G, 5073A, 5078G, 5076A, 5076G, 5077A, 5077G, 5078A, 5091G, 5091P, 5091A, 5093A, 5093G, 5092A, 5092G, 5092P, 5391P, 5391G, 5391A, 5395A, 5395P, 5392G, 5392A, 5394P, 5394G, 5394A, 5392P, 5395G, 5396A, 5396G, 5397A, 5397G, 5398A, 5398G, 5401G, 5401A, 5401P, 5402A, 5402G, 5402P, 5403A, 5403G, 5070G, 5070P, 5070A

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