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Purchasing a trampoline: what to pay attention to?

During the search for a suitable trampoline, you will come across a lot of different models with corresponding specifications. Our Salta trampolines also have different characteristics that distinguishes them. To help you make the right choice, we have listed the 5 most important points below.

Jumping quality

At Salta we always guarantee a good to superior jumping quality. The better the jumping quality, the better and higher one can jump. The jumping quality is defined by different parts, of which the springs are the most important. Hereby applies; the longer the spring, the higher and smoother you can jump. For example, springs with a length of 140 mm offer a good jump quality and 165 mm or 210 mm springs offer a superior jump quality.


Does a round or rectangular trampoline fit best in your garden? Inground or on legs? Pink, green, or do you prefer a black safety pad? These are only a few options that you come across when searching for a trampoline. Most Salta trampolines are available in different sizes and shapes. It all depends on taste, but knowing what you want can make you search a bit easier. That way you can start your search in a more targeted way!


For a long use of your trampoline, we highly recommend checking if a brand offers spare parts. May a part need replacement in the future, you can easily order and replace it. So you don’t need to buy a completely new trampoline. At Salta we offer spare parts of all our trampolines, even when the trampoline model isn’t in our current collection anymore. Ideal for a long and sustainable use!


It is common for trampolines to come with a warranty period. At Salta we offer different warranty periods for our different products. This way we guarantee that you can enjoy your trampoline for years to come!


All the mentioned points above become visible in the price. If you prefer a superior jump quality and a long warranty period, the price tag will be a bit higher. However, Salta offers trampolines in every price range. You can always count on the best quality and high-quality service within every price segment. This way everybody can find a suitable trampoline!


Do you want to make choosing the right trampoline even easier? Use our Help me choose option. Fill in your preferences and discover which trampoline suits your wishes best!