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The revolutionary Salta Royal Baseground is a particularly innovative, high-quality trampoline. This ground level trampoline is fully integrated with your garden lawn! Lire la suite...


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Impression à 360°

Attention : Sur ce modèle, seule la partie visible est présentée, donc pas la structure enterrée.

Attention : Sur ce modèle, seule la partie visible est présentée, donc pas la structure enterrée.


Numéro d'article 5365A
Dimensions 305 cm
Nombre de ressorts 76
Longueur des ressorts 210 mm
Max. recommandé Poids 120 kg
Diamètre rail supérieur 50,8 mm
Épaisseur rail supérieur 2 mm

It's in the details

Air Performance System

What makes the Royal Baseground stand out from all other ground trampolines on the market, is the especially developed and patented 'Air Performance System'. This ventilation system ensures that there is enough space between the jumping mat and the safety edge, resulting in good air circulation. Thanks to the Air Performance System you will be able to make dynamic, yet silent jumps, while experiencing exceptional jumping comfort!

A great base

The outside of the Royal Basegroud is equipped with sturdy panels, ensuring a very stable foundation. The durable, sturdy frame and double galvanized frame is black powder coated to fight corrosion. The long, 210 mm springs, will make you jump high, yet land softly.

Extensive protection

The Royal Baseground's black safety pad is made from solid, high-quality PVC material. The convenient net system attached to the protective edge, makes it impossible for children to come into contact with the springs. Furthermore, the outside edge seamlessly blends with your grass, making the frame invisible and allowing children to easily access the trampoline.

Optional accessories

An optional safety net for the Salta Royal Baseground is available, guaranteeing the highest level of safety. The Ground Safety net is suitable for both the Royal Baseground as well as the Premium Ground. Salta trampoline covers are also a great choice for giving extra protection to your trampoline.

Accessoires et pièces

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Manuel de montage Manuel de montage

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