Weather cover

With the Salta cover, you can protect your trampoline against all weather conditions. Are you not using your trampoline for a while because, for example, the autumn or winter period has arrived, or do you want to protect your trampoline from leaves and dirt? Cover your trampoline with this Salta cover. Read more...

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Different sizes and shapes

The cover is suitable for both pole mounted and inground trampolines and is available in various sizes for round and rectangular trampolines. Below you will find the sizes of trampoline covers offered by Salta:

Round trampolines: 183, 213, 244, 251, 305, 366, 396, and 427 cm.

Rectangular trampolines: 214x153, 305x214, 366x214, 396x244, 427x244 cm.

High-quality material

By using high-quality PVC material, the trampoline cover is not only resistant to rain, snow, ice, and sunlight, but also to dirt such as leaves, twigs, and sand. The Salta cover also ensures that the safety pad of the trampoline does not fill up with water. Drainage holes in the protective cover make sure the water flows to the centre of the trampoline and allow the water to drain through the jumping mat. This prevents puddle formation on the trampoline.

Easy installation

The cover is easy to attach to the trampoline with the supplied elastic straps and also fits on a trampoline with a safety net.

It's in the details


Article number 5369A
Size 366x214 cm
Material 0,35mm PVC